06.04.2014 16:45

Astrology comments to global development.





NewMoon degree symbol is: 10°ARIES

"A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms To Traditional Images"

Revision of the attitud towards start of the new cycle of experiences.

Begining desire of the consciousness to reformulation of many things from the past, which was considered like commonplace in times, when was evolutionary essencial. There is finded out new dimension of consciousness, which is showing higher posibilities experiences and mental development.


By this point of view is starting new lunation cycle, which can bring new ideas and new directions in foreign policy and agreements and contracts with others nation of world ( in his culmination and eclipse in the Libra). For both Americs. But cycle is starting in Aries, which has symbolism of self definition and self discovery. It is also very clear, that North America need self-redefinition.

In the time, when I am describing this words my friend from Brazil send me article about printing first rubles in gold and start of new financial system in Russian Republic, which I put more high. 






But these next two Sabian symbols of Moon Eclipse, they are very important and in strong sincronicity!. Eagle is the symbol United States an also Russian Federation. But for USA is very actual. Symbolism is very clear! Like project of Vladimir Putin:

Rusia comienza a emitir rublos de oro, a dejar de aceptar dólares y anuncia un sistema alternativo de pagos internacionales

Furious Putin Orders “Project Double Eagle” To Destroy fraud and false US, EU banksters's product


Moon degree symbol is: 26° Libra

"An Eagle And A Large White Dove Change Into Each Other"

Symbol is speaking about polarization of spiritual's powers. Courage and peace.

Keyword of this symbol is: When will come critical necessity, spiritual Will and principle of Love become interconnecting. Symbol is speaking about mutual harmony of Jing and Jang. When circle of those two principles are rotating quickly, seems to be changing mutually one to other. Consciousness exceed duality by one's active attitude, because polarized energies of Soul (or Spirit), Will and Love, although ever divided, are working for one purpose. Symbol also refer about new, higher access to use polarized power.




Sun degree symbol is: 26° Aries

"A Man Possessed Of More Gifts Than He Can Hold"

Interpretation of this symbol is development of unusual mental type of inner charge.

Keyword of this symbol is: Obsession by potentiality. It is about achievement of state of serene vigilance. It's necessary move on this new area very carefully, on these phase of evolution, because consciousness don't know fully operating. Just only in case the clear limits. It's about warning.


Just want to explicate, that western astrology use symbol of Sun like the form of objective or purpose, and symbol of Moon, like the type of way to fulfil this purpose. Just like in the philosophy of zen-buddhism tradition. One eye to way, other eye to purpose :-). Astrologers call them "two lights". And for that, Full Moon have significance illumination = understanding – light in the day and light also in the night.

Here I am using my own chart of United States, which is not using by astrologers, because they don´t take into consideration the Pluto, like the point of Federal Reserve system, which was sucking energies (money) from the United States and all the world! For that is Pluto at house VIII. of these chart. I have very many reasons for it, include history of US, thefts of Indian's territory and the changes in foreign policy. I did publish it just one time in Czech language with many analyses points.

These chart is speaking about very many good, positive changes in the United States, which we all are expecting! Especially principles of identity and self-definition (Sun of US is in pressure of transpersonal powers planets Pluto and Uran), alike the principles of all structures of state, all institutions and official structures... We can also expect break all obstructions of present government and all important institutions.

And this symbol is like finish of this lunation cycle and also beginning new lunation cycle for May.



Sun-Moon degree symbol is: 9° Taurus

"A Fully Decorated Christmas Tree"

Keyword of symbol is speaking about abilities to create sense of inside happiness also in bad times. It is about living faith in transformed future. It is about reshape of darkness and deprivation of lowest point of life cycle to the best moment of our life - symbol of Christmas (presents and good will, and so on..). Cyclic renovation.


These finally symbol is only finished the cycle of Luna and starting other. Is speaking about inner celebration and natural cyclic renovation. Can be renovation of the structures of government.

I personally mean, that activities which described this article, can be key to some new movement in US and turning point of all issues.

Also did come to publicity one campaign to illegalized of poverty, which was start in Argentina. I see this initiative like join with this lunation cycle! and also with intentions of all Dragon family:

was published also here, in Canary Islands: